Alexander Dunn and Matthew Jarman are respectively the eyes and ears of Origin Workshop, a creative studio based in London. They have had a long relationship with the 808 having met whilst working with You Know Films as Director and Co-producer during the making of '808' The Movie, the first feature film to be released on Apple Music. 

During the making of the film, they often debated what the original advert would have looked like had one been made. A plan was hatched at the SXSW world premiere of the film and upon their return they began working on the 'Original' Roland TR-808 Advert. The goal was to create a video designed to simultaneously pay homage to this great machine whilst seeing how authentically they could recreate the vintage graphics of the Scanimate, another analogue machine that revolutionised motion graphics in the 80's. 

The video was quietly released on August 8th 2016 as a piece of found footage, discovered by a retired ad exec called Karl Charles (Matt and Alex's middle names). Within 24 hours it had been viewed 500k times across social channels and the music press, sparking the debate: was this the real deal or was it a fake.

Now sitting just shy of 1m views, the debate continues, much to Matt and Alex's delight...