An American IPA with a Japanese Kick!





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A celebration of the greatest drum machine of all time

Back in 1980 Japanese Electronics Manufacturer, Roland released what would become one of the most recognisable and celebrated musical instruments ever, the TR-808 drum machine. It was a truly unique instrument, a drum machine that sounded oddly futuristic but didn’t really sound anything like drums. After three years of manufacture, that saw only 12,000 units made, Roland stopped production of the 808. 

At the time it was considered by some to be a failure but despite its short life the 808’s unique sounds and sub sonic bass found their way onto seminal records such as Afrika Bambaataa and The Soul Sonic Force's ‘Planet Rock’, The Beastie Boys ‘Licensed to Ill’ and even Marvin Gaye’s ‘Sexual Healing’. Those records and many more like them went on to influence waves of artists and producers that in turn would seek out the 808’s unique beats. So much so that the 808 continues to live on today - though most modern producers use samples!

Hip hop, electro, R&B, trap, drum and bass - all of these musical genres and more wouldn’t sound anything like they do today without the bass heavy beats of the TR-808. It’s utterly unique, a true musical icon - so the folks at Origin Workshop decided to create a beer in its honour!

So this August 8th put on some beats, raise a glass to 808 Day and celebrate this iconic machine with a brew that boasts the ultimate Japanese kick.

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A tribute to one of the most renowned musical instruments ever

Filmmakers Origin Workshop have teamed up with beat loving brewers Mondo Brewing Company (U.K.), DevilCraft (Japan) and Melvin Brewing (U.S.A) and together they have developed and produced The Origin Workshop BR-808, a special collaboration beer that honours the enduring sounds and cultural legacy of the TR-808 and the seismic shift it created in music.

It’s a taste of the future, a brew defined by the legendary kick drum of the 808. Its been developed to recreate that deep sub-bass low end, delivering a solid Japanese kick that resonates through the American IPA flavours.

With tropical, citrus aromas, mikan orange peel and flavours from the generous rise of Citra and Amarillo hops the Origin Workshop BR-808 provides a refined taste. In the spirit of true collaboration, the brewers added no caramel malt with only light British pale malt and Cara pils, resulting in a refreshing brew coming in at 7% ABV.

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